Blog #9

I seemed to have missed this part of my assignment so here goes….Petcha Kutcha: what? so what? now what?

First of all, I did my Petch Kutcha on Cinquain’s. A cinquain is an American type of poetry similar to a haiku. I did a bit of research on this poetry form after learning about it from a book in the first grade reading group I volunteer for. The form seemed simple and fun – it really doesn’t have a rhyme or reason it focuses on syllables. This makes it fun and allows the student to be more creative. That is the ‘what’.

So what? The form of poetry will be taught in the classroom, the students will be able to access their creative side during language class. This form can be used with children as young as first grade and up to college. I created three myself and enjoyed every one. The petcha kutcha can be used to show students the day before we do the lesson, or for those students who are absent. I would post it on my classroom blog so it can be watched and reviewed if necessary.

Now what? I like the idea of flipping the classroom digitally. I recently had an instructor ‘flip’ the class but we were required to read a ton of information, watch videos, and answer questions. This took a lot of time and was not very enjoyable. I think using the petcha kutcha format and having the class material as it was taught available for students on a blog makes much more sense.


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