Petcha Kutcha/Screen Casting

This has been the most interesting project thus far in my Educational Technology class. I can see the benefits of having this for a classroom. We have discussed flipping classrooms and the benefits of having materials (semi-first hand) for students that are traveling or out because of an illness. This screen casting allows me to capture all of my lesson as I am teaching it and post it to my blog or school website. I can also email it to specific students if needed. The most challenging aspect of this project, for me as a non-traditional student has been finding a quiet time and place to record. This, of course, will not be an issue when I am using it for my classroom. The second most challenging aspect was finding the right program that I could work well with and had all the features I was looking for. Camtasia offered this as well as many additional features I may or may not ever get around to using. I also used Wistia as a host service because the Petcha Kutcha was too large for the WordPress blog.




An aggregator is a great tool for the classroom. As an educator you can use this on the SMART board to cover weather, current events, and many other applicable subjects pulled from the web. It can be manipulated and changed from one day to the next which will give you the things you need at your fingertips; not searching through emails or files trying to locate a certain thing. I am a fan!