Technology of my youth

My assignment is to write about my past technology experience within my K-12 education…..hmmm….. being a non-traditional student completing the college education I began 25 years ago, I will do my best. Word processing and typewriters were the tools I used. New technology consisted of microwave ovens, VHS players, Walkman’s, and Atari. The library was full of card catalogs and microfiche machines, this was how research was done.

My most influential technology teacher is by far my brother, Michael. Michael was into computers before much of the world was. He could build one, take one apart, build it back, and he usually had the patience to help me with my incredible amount of questions. These questions only arose when it became obvious that I really should learn how these computer things worked or I would be sadly left behind.

I barely remember DOS commands, however; they were part of my first two years in college. It is truly amazing to be in a position to see the difference first hand. I don’t like being the parent that says to her children, “we didn’t even have computers when I was a student”, but it is the truth. Technology has come so far and we are both fortunate and unfortunate to be a part of it.

The tools of the past are tools that should be remembered, students should have a sense of how to use older technology. We as future teachers should be aware of how to use these tools in the off-chance there is still a school library or district that doesn’t have the means to afford newer technology.



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