Here in the greater Northwest, where we are known for cold winters and lots of snow, we are falling short to the Southern States. There have been many Facebook posts of late by my family and friends in Mississippi and Louisiana (yes those two states)  about the cold weather and even snow. Today, finally, we had a great snow. I am even more excited for skiing this week – it is too much to ask for the sun to be out on Friday too?


One thought on “Snow….Finally!

  1. Debbie, we think of snow as a sudden, unexpected gift since it comes so infrequently. And what can we do with the inch or two? Slide down a hill or sit at the window and look at it as if falls. If we had your situation where we could have outdoor recreation, we’d not make such noise when a few flakes fall. We’ve got some businessmen planning an ice skating rink locally. A temp one was put up a few weeks before Christmas and was successful. That’s all the winter sports we can look forward to.

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